Is Truth or Dare the Best Party Game Ever?

There are tons and tons of party games that people (especially children and teenagers) play as forms of entertainment, have fun and mostly pass time.

Which is your all time favorite party game? different people will probably answer this question differently for the simple reason that each of them has a favorite one. If i was told to answer that question my answer would be the truth or dare questions party game.

I have played, still play up to today and would forever play the truth or dare party game. It is definitely very interesting game to be part in and you would love each and every part of it. During my teen years, i used to play this game on almost daily basis and it was sort of becoming like an addiction that is very hard to get rid of or stop. I know many of my friends also used to like it whenever we played.

So how is this game played?

If you haven’t played this game and would probably want to try it in the near future, a little bit of introduction and explanation is necessary. First of all this game has existed for centuries and many people have played and continue to. So you are not the first to play and never would you be the last person to take part in it.

1. The game involves two or more players (one person can not play it for obvious reasons).

2. A player starts the game by asking another to choose between “truth or dare”

3. If the player chooses “truth” the other poses to him a question that is usually very embarrassing and hard to answer.

4. If the player chooses “dare” the other player would normally set him an embarrassing or dangerous dare to perform.

The above are basically the rules and how this game is played and if you need more resources on this game check out the links below;

wikipedia truth or dare page
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